5 May 2008

Coastal Alaskan Villages at risk

The plight of the Alaskan village of Kivilina has gained a high amount of media attention over the last few months. The villagers have filed a historic lawsuit against twenty four energy companies for their emissions. They claim these emissions are causing climate change which has led to a great increase in coastal erosion, threatening the existence of the town at its current location.

Photos: US Army Corps of Engineers. An aeroplane lands on the airstrip leading to Kivalina on the tip of the barrier island
The nearly 400 Inupiat inhabitants hope to move to a new site nearby, but its location and financing are still under discussion. We continue to keep a watching brief on Kivalina and similar threatened coastal villages such as Shishmaref. Fortunately for just now they are still surviving and remain in the same place on our maps.
See the Celsias blog post for further details.

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