2 Feb 2009

Collins School Atlases Flipcharts

Today sees the launch of Collins School Atlases flipcharts – a new learning environment for students to explore mapping and geographical topics and support all core atlas products.

Collins School Atlases flipcharts combine the best aspects of traditional teaching and e-learning. The flipcharts run on interactive whiteboards using Promethean ActivStudio software. They are easy to use, visually stimulating and allow teachers and learners to further develop each topic using the inbuilt whiteboards tools. Quizzes incorporated into the charts, making use of Promethean voting pads, encourage students to enjoy learning and allow teachers to assess the progress of the whole class, individuals or groups.

National Curriculum
The flipcharts have been created to support various aspects of the National Curriculum: Junior for years 3–7 (ages 7–11), Primary for years 3–7 (ages 7–11) and School Atlas for years 7–11 (ages 11–14).

There are a range of topic to choose from: Mapskills, Europe, UK, South America, World, Scotland and North America.

Sample screenshots (click to enlarge)

For further details, to order and download data files go to Collins Education website - School Atlases flipcharts

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