21 Jan 2010

BBC Radio 4 'On the Map' recording

Yesterday we had a visit from Mike Parker and his programme producer to record some interviews for a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 series called On the Map. The Collins Geo staff talked about the Times Atlas of the World - its history, the production process, updates, decisions on name forms, boundary issues and content.

Mike Parker, author of Map Addict, will present the ten, 15-minute programmes. They will go out on Radio 4, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm in the weeks beginning 22nd and 29th March. The series looks at maps and map-making since the beginning of the twentieth century and will cover the use of maps for everything from leisure and motoring to propaganda and story-telling. It will also include the different approaches which have been taken to the mapping of cities, the use of maps during war, the creation of atlases and the political agendas behind different maps. And it looks at the future of cartography as digital technology opens up mapping to everyone.

Mike Parker presented with a copy of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. Photo: Mark Steward.

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