29 Jul 2010

Britain Home and Away

Two fantastic official websites promoting Britain (home), and British interests abroad (away). They are contemporary, colourful, clear and contain a wealth of topical information. Stunning imagery and well written text create informative and accessible sites which take the reader from general topics and themes to specific issues and places.

VisitBritain.com is the official website for tourism in Britain. If you’re planning a holiday to the UK, looking for hotels and accommodation in Britain, or simply after UK travel, attractions or events information, VisitBritain.com has everything you need to know.

LoveUK – VisitBritain of Facebook: Good stuff, funny stuff and the downright peculiar stuff.
VisitBritain on Twitter

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – ‘the FCO’ or ‘the Foreign Office’ for short is the government department responsible for promoting British interests overseas and supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe. The main sections are Travel & living abroad, Global Issues, About us and News.

FCO on Facebook
FCO blogs

See also
The Times Atlas of Britain and Times World Atlases

27 Jul 2010

British North America [Canada] map 1844

By permission dedicated to
The Honourable Hudson’s Bay Company
Containing the latest information which
their documents furnish.
By their Obedient Servant
J Arrowsmith.

The British North America map was engraved by John Arrowsmith in 1832, but altered in successive editions through the 1850s as new information reached London. This version has the publication date of 25th April 1844.

It was an exceptionally detailed map for its time, in particular along the West Coast from Monterey north to the Behring Strait. Alaska is shown as Russian America (the United States purchased Alaska from the Russians in 1867). California is part of Mexico (Mexico eventually ceded California to the United States, becoming the 31st state of the union in 1850). British North America was to become the present day Canada after the 1867 British North America Act.

The map also presents fascinating notes of historical interest, for example “In Turton Bay on the South side of Igloolik Island, the Fury and Hecla were frozen up from October 3rd 1822 to August 8th 1823.” This refers to the 1821 Parry expedition in the HMS Hecla and sister ship HMS Fury to find the fabled Northwest Passage.

This map comes from the Collins Bartholomew Historic Map Archive and can be purchased from the Collins Bartholomew shop, Americas category, on the Mapseeker website.

Collins Bartholomew Map Shop on Mapseeker
Buy Historical Maps from Mapseeker and Collins Bartholomew

26 Jul 2010

Comment on 2011 Collins Britain Essential Road Atlas

"Dear publishers,

My husband is one of these lorry drivers that will not have a sat-nav, but prefers the traditional way of looking up his destinations on a map!

He rates the Collins road atlas and has recently replaced his worn out copy with the 2011 essential roadatlas, which he is very pleased with. This far surpasses any previous ones and with the comprehensive extra detailed urban and street maps, the competiton doesn't come close!

I'm having to write to say thanks for an outstanding publication because he doesn't have an email address either!!"

This is the sort of feedback that really makes all the effort which goes into these atlases worthwhile.

See 2011 Collins Road Atlas Britain Range

23 Jul 2010

Map of the Month Jul 10 - Traverse Me, GPS Map

My map of the month for July is called Traverse Me, it was created by the artist and map maker Jeremy Wood in June 2010.

Traverse Me is a map of The University of Warwick campus, drawn at 1:1 scale, composed of 238 miles of GPS tracks walked over 17 days.

This map is one of those that you keep finding new detail every time you look at it. The GPS lines create a picture of the landscape and function of the particular area. Some features are obvious such as the football pitch, others are simply fields as suggested by the trackline shading effect. In some areas the density and shape of lines suggest movement. There are also some chaotic areas which take some time and effort to interpret what the landscape could be. Abstract images such as a globe and a compass further add to the interest.

“Traverse Me is a map drawn by walking across campus with a GPS device to invite the viewer to see a different landscape to that which surrounds them. It questions the possibilities of where they are and inspires a personal reading of their movements and explorations of the campus.” J Wood from his website.

This is just one of many drawings Wood has created using GPS technology. Many come alive when they are shown as videos, with the effect of movement over time further enhancing the creation. One of my favourite videos is
Me and You - two dogs wearing GPS receivers running around a park in Oxford.

Jeremy Wood started GPSdrawing.com in 2001 to explore digital mark making on water, over land, and in the air. He makes maps of his movements to create a personal cartography. His work both art and science express notions of space and time. Wood has conducted numerous GPS drawing and mapping workshops in schools, museums and galleries. His work is exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collection of the University of the Arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

19 Jul 2010

2011 Collins Maps of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland

These new, fully revised, 2011 editions of the popular Collins Maps of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland are out now. At a scale of 9 miles to 1 inch (approx. 1:550,000) they show the detailed road network and administrative areas clearly in colour.


These general purpose maps can be used as reference maps for business users and as route planning maps for those on tour.

All have an index to place names and city/town centre plans.

2011 Collins Road Atlas Britain Range

16 Jul 2010

Bartholomew Printing Record Catalogue Search

The National Library of Scotland (NLS) project to document the records of Bartholomew map makers now allows online searching of some of the vast archive of materials.

form searches the catalogue of the Bartholomew Archive Printing Record which contains a copy of everything the firm printed between 1877 and 2002. Each item is annotated with the date of printing and number of copies made. Cataloguing is ongoing, to date 12,000 records spanning the period 1877 to 1906 can be searched.

“So, if you have a Bartholomew map which you would like to date, if you are curious to know which other publishers John Bartholomew & Co. produced maps for, if you would like to know which item first bore John George Bartholomew's name or, if you are looking for a map of Turkey as a present for your granny then this new interface is just what you have been looking for!” – Karla Baker, archivist and cataloguer.

Bartholomew News post on the Bartholomews Archive Blog has further details.
Printing Record catalogue search form
The Bartholomew Archive at the National Library of Scotland

15 Jul 2010

Collins World Factfile

Find out about the world through maps and statistics

The Collins World Factfile gives essential facts and statistics on world issues along with profiles for every country in the world.

This attractive book is an ideal addition to anyone's reference collection. Packed full of authoritative statistics, indispensable geographical facts and illustrated spreads on current global issues.

Major world issues presented through maps, graphics, statistics and images
The first section provides a visual guide to the state of the world's demographic, economic and environmental issues, current trends and future predictions.

Detailed profile for every country in the world

The second section has descriptive text with an outline of every country along with images and key statistics to give an excellent overview. Great for solving quizzes and crosswords.

Just published, in the United Kingdom it is only available through
WHSmith stores for the special price of £5.

240 x 189 mm, 256 pages, ISBN 978-0-00-737185-3.

14 Jul 2010

Views of a Nation - Launch event for The Times Atlas of Britain

Talk by Mike Parker and Mick Ashworth
Tuesday 28th September 2010, 6pm
National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Mike Parker (author of Map Addict) and Mick Ashworth (consultant editor to Times Atlases) will be revealing the history behind national atlases, explaining what they are and looking at the latest version to be published. The talk celebrates the publication of the first national atlas of Britain since 1963 – “
The Times Atlas of Britain

Illustrated by archive material from the National Library of Scotland’s (NLS)
map collection some early examples of national atlases will be discussed. What defines a national atlas and exceptional examples from around the world will be shown. The latest Times Atlas of Britain will also be described along with insights into how it was put together and sample historical mapping.

The talk will be followed by drinks and a chance to meet the makers of The Times Atlas of Britain.

Events for September and book online using the Event booking form.

Over 40 people have booked already, so reserve your place soon!

Mike Parker
Mike Parker has had a varied career, which at one point saw him working as a stand-up comedian. He has been widely published and also presents various travel programmes for radio and television. His books to date include Map Addict and the Rough Guide to Wales as well as several other guide books. He writes freelance travel pieces for most of the UK papers, including the Independent, the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and the Mirror.

Mick Ashworth
Mick has worked in cartography for twenty-five years and is Consultant Editor to
Times Atlases. He is director of Ashworth Maps and Interpretation Ltd, a company he and his wife Jennifer set up in 2008. Prior to this he was Editor in Chief for World and European cartography at HarperCollins Publishers in Glasgow. Before moving to HarperCollins he worked for what is now the Defence Geographic Centre at the Ministry of Defence, which included three years based in Hong Kong. He is a Past-President of the British Cartographic Society and current Council member, and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Further details:
The Times Atlas of Britain
The Times Atlas of Britain Brochure

13 Jul 2010

Collins Bartholomew Map Shop on Mapseeker

The Collins Bartholomew Shop has now opened on Mapseeker’s website. Over 400 map images are now available to purchase. The map shop has a large, expanding selection of reproduction historical maps, plans and surveys, spanning the globe. Our collection is available to order on-line in a range of products, produced to the highest quality standards.

Taken from the
Collins Bartholomew Historic Map Archive, the maps are arranged into 12 super categories which are then divided into sub categories. Many map samples are zoomable to reveal close up detail and include a detailed map description.

The collection has many rare seventeenth century Blaeu county and country maps.

Other stunning maps include the Map of the British Empire c1851. This map of the British Empire is framed by idealized images of friendly encounters between British colonists and indigenous inhabitants from four different parts of the globe. Click on the link above for a zoomable map.

New maps are regurlarly being added to the range - a large number of old railway maps will be uploaded soon, to expand this category. It is worth revisiting the website or registering to become a member and receive news on new additions.

Once selected, the map can be purchased as a photographic or giclée fine art print, available in a range of sizes and frame stlyes.

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Buy Historical Maps from Mapseeker and Collins Bartholomew
Scotland of Old Clan Maps
Genealogy Map Resources: Exploration of Australia

12 Jul 2010

2011 Collins Road Atlas Britain Range

We have just published new editions of our popular road atlas range, featuring the very latest road and detail changes for 2011.

2011 Collins Big Road Atlas Britain (paperback & spiral)
The ultimate 3.2 miles to 1 inch scale large format road atlas for the year 2011, featuring Collins popular and well established road mapping; designed for exceptional clarity and ease of use.

• Fully updated fixed speed camera sites with average speed camera locations clearly highlighted. All speed cameras show the speed limit.
• 21 urban area approach maps at 1 mile to 1 inch.
• 56 street maps focussed on town centres showing places of interest, car park locations and one-way streets.
• World Heritage Sites located with contact details and brief descriptions.
• Park & Ride locations shown, ideal when visiting towns and cities.
• Full postcodes for the top 1000 places of interest; ideal for use alongside satnav systems.

£9.99 paperback
£11.99 spiral binding

Amazon review for the 2010 edition of the Collins Big Road Atlas Britain (spiral) by
Daniel Park "danielpark99" 25 Sep 2009. Another blinder!
As with the 2009 edition, this "Big road atlas" is the perfect antidote for drivers made bitter and twisted by confusing and expensive satnavs. This atlas fulfils pretty much every feature of the electronic gizmo on your dashboard - locations of high risk roads, city streets (in clear detail), even speed cameras - but without the exhorbitant cost. Plus there's something comforting about having a road atlas in your hand to flick through the evening prior to your big business or leisure trip. Collins really has played another blinder, here!

2011 Collins Essential Road Atlas Britain
This handy A4 sized spiral road atlas covers the whole of Britain at a selection of useful scales. Its size makes it ideal for use in the car as well as the home or office. Each scale of mapping is colour coded for ease of use.

• Fully updated fixed speed camera sites with average speed camera locations clearly highlighted. All speed cameras show the speed limit.
• Route planning section including maps for long distance route planning, motorway services information and a handy distance calculator chart.
• Urban area approach maps at a larger scale which clearly show the best routes through and into the busiest built-up-areas.

• Over 30 categories of places of interest including castles, theme parks, sports venues, universities, mountain bike trails and surfing beaches.


2011 Collins Handy Road Atlas Britain
This handy A5 sized road atlas makes it the ideal travelling companion. It has extremely clear, route planning maps of Britain and Ireland and fits neatly into the glovebox, pocket or bag.

• Road maps that focus on the main roads, motorways and settlements.
• Useful distance calculator chart highlighting distances between the major towns.
• The Ireland section includes a separate distance chart and an index.
• Best-selling A5 handy format with lie-flat spiral binding.

6 Jul 2010

Mark Dolan | The World's Most Extraordinary People and Me

Our Collins World Wall Map was used in this recent short You Tube clip to promote a new book.