30 Aug 2010

Map of the Month Aug 10 – Wales 1610 & 1890

Maps of Wales haven’t featured very highly in this blog, in fact the only real mention is the Snowdonia and North Wales Ramblers Guide. So, to put this right, the Map of the Month for August 2010 has two maps of Wales.

This Map(s) of the Month compares the highly illustrated, colourful John Speed, Wales 1610 with the more serious and functional map from The Century Atlas & Gazetteer of the World 1890, published by John Walker and Co. with maps by John Bartholomew. The text was written by Roger Pountain for the forthcoming
Times Atlas of Britain.

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John Speed, Wales 1610.......................Century Atlas & Gazetteer of the World 1890

There is a striking contrast between the appearance and design of these two maps, dating from 1610 and 1890 – although here, as in the rest of the UK, the traditional county boundaries scarcely changed in the meantime. The older map seems to be attempting more detail, especially as regards place names, though this is misleading because the right-hand map is actually an enlarged version of Bartholomew’s original.

The more recent map is true to its era in being more earnest and factual, while the older preference is to throw in some entertainment and information value, with tiny aerial views of the cathedrals of Wales, heraldic shields, and a decorative compass rose and a ship. Monstrous sea life leaps out of the dramatically hachured water, which must have been extremely tedious to engrave. On land, there are some frankly rather overblown hill illustrations – Plynlimon, which in reality has a low profile, looks more like the Matterhorn, though the artist had presumably seen a picture of Snowdon.

County names have remained unchanged even to the present day, with a few exceptions. Brecknock (usually Brecon in more recent times) is on both maps, Speed spelling it Breknokshire. The 19th-century map has Carnarvon (it reverted to the more correct spelling Caernarfon in the 20th century), while the older map has the less common ‘Carnarvan’ and gives Pembrokeshire as ‘Penbrokshire’.

John Speed’s name is on the bottom of the 17th century map, and one wonders if he or his staff just forgot to colour in the boundary between Radnor and ‘Breknokshire’.

Roger Pountain, Senior Information Analyst, Collins Geo

The Times Atlas of Britain
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27 Aug 2010

Bartholomew Map Lampshades

Many of us love maps, but keep them tucked away in a drawer, at a loss to know how to display them. Sarah Walker reclaims old maps and turns them into pieces of functional art!

Drum table lampshades using 1950s Bartholomew maps of North Pembroke and the New Forest & the Solent.

These lampshades are individually designed and handcrafted by Sarah Walker in her studio at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. She can make lampshades from your own map or source one for you.

See Sarah Walker
ArtShades website and Map Lampshades blog.

First seen in
The Map Room.

24 Aug 2010

New Heritage Pages on the Times World Atlases Website

Times atlases and maps have contained world class cartography from the publication of the first Times Atlas in 1895, to the forthcoming Times Atlas of Britain.

Explore some of the ground-breaking Times maps and atlases on the
Heritage pages of the Times World Atlases website, such as:

The 1922 Times Survey Atlas & Gazetteer of the World - the first Times atlas published by the Edinburgh cartographers Bartholomew.

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World - published for the first time in 1967, as a single volume.

The Times Concise Atlas of the World, 7th Edition - published in October 1995, it was the first Times atlas to be produced by using digital technology.

Use the timeline to see informative background text and zoomable images.

See the new pages on the history of
Bartholomew mapmakers and links to viewing and ordering old maps from the Collins Bartholomew Historic Map Archive which have just been added to the website.

20 Aug 2010

The World’s Heritage Wins Print Awards

Submitted by our printers Leo Paper Products Ltd, The World's Heritage: A Complete Guide to the Most Extraordinary Places has just picked up two awards:

Gold Ink Awards 2010 Co-organized by renowned printing industry titles: Publishing Executive, Printing Impressions and Book Business, the
Gold Ink Awards honours the best work from printing professionals and attracts over 1,500 entries worldwide. A panel of distinguished graphics arts professionals judges and selects winners based on their print quality, technical difficulty and overall visual effect.

The World’s Heritage won a Pewter Award in the Books - Softcover Books category.

Premier Print Awards 2010 Started in 1950 as the Graphics Arts Awards Competition, the
Premier Print Awards attracts entries from companies in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Thousands of entries are scrutinized by a panel of judges, who select the winners.

In the Soft Cover Books category the World’s Heritage was awarded a certificate of Merit.

The World's Heritage: A Complete Guide to the Most Extraordinary Places

The World's Heritage co-published by UNESCO and HarperCollins

“You could visit a world heritage site every week and still be going 16 years later. So while a 'coffee table' style book might showcase a few of the most glorious, it wouldn't give you the wonderful 'dip-ability' of this book.

A quick flick and I get a fine introduction to the cultural importance of the Pyramids. But a few pages later I also find out about 'Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump' a site where native Americans killed buffalo by running them off a cliff for millennia.

Fascinating. And there are 876 more like this.

I think this book is a quite brilliant introduction to the world's most sublime natural and cultural heritage sites. I'll be dipping for years to come.”

world wonders in the palm of your hand - Amazon review by Richard Happer, 31 Oct 2009

19 Aug 2010

2011 Collins Road Map of France

The 2011 Collins Road Map of France is published today. It is a new edition of the annually revised, politically coloured map of France.

It covers an area from the Belgian and German borders in the north to the Spanish border in the south, and from the Brest Peninsula in the west to the Italian and Swiss borders in the east. Also includes the island of Corsica.

• Through-route map of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, and Toulouse
• Distance chart giving distances in kilometres between main towns
• Key to D├ępartement names and numbers, and list of Regions
• Internet links to further information
• Map legend in English, French and German
• Index to place names

At a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1 cm to 10 kms / 1 inch to 16 miles) it’s ideal for journey planning and route-finding.

17 Aug 2010

Vintage Maps from the Bartholomew Archive now on Surface View

A whole new world of interior graphics.

Surface View creates stunningly beautiful interior prints to transform your environment. They now have a Vintage Maps collection featuring carefully selected images from the Collins Bartholomew Historic Map Archive. All the imagery is lovingly digitally re-mastered, with great care taken to respect the character and ‘age worn’ beauty of the original.

The maps selected for Surface View capture a balance of scientific fervour and crafted beauty. They were taken from the Bartholomew Physical Atlas, Vol. III, Meteorology (1899) which exemplifies the formidable ambition of its maker to probe new areas of knowledge and The Times Atlas of the World, Mid-Century Edition (1957) which illustrates a fascinating post-war era, when the iron curtain was firmly drawn across half the continent. Both were lavish productions of their day, sumptuously printed, expensively produced and impressively coloured.

Surface View Two
From their vast and uniquely beautiful image collections, a selection of favourite images are ready and available as Prints & Canvases, Murals, Just-Stick-It-Up® and Ready to Roll Blinds Choose and order online and they will deliver to your door.

Surface View main site
Visit their main site to browse hundreds more images, discover the murals, prints, blinds and specialist products that they sell, and find out how you can specify your own sizes, materials and crops. Specialist services offers expert consultancy and can print onto fabric, glazing films and high quality Formica® laminate.

Surface View blog The
Charted territory post features an article from this month’s House & Garden magazine (Sep 10) on the forthcoming Vintage Maps collection at Surface View.

12 Aug 2010

2011 Collins Road Map of Europe

The new 2011 edition of the Collins Europe Road Map comes out next week.

The large politically coloured map shows the classified road network, railways, airports, cities and towns - ideal for reference, journey planning and route-finding.

It covers an area from the North Cape of Norway to Gibraltar and from Ireland to east of Moscow. It also includes Iceland and Cyprus.

• Index to place names on reverse of sheet
• Distance chart giving distances in kilometres between main towns
• European Union map showing member states and the Euro-zone
• Internet links to further information on Europe
• Key to approved country code abbreviations – GB, F, D etc.
• Map legend in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Fully revised and up-to-date it is very competitively priced at £4.99.