8 Feb 2011

Collins Junior World Atlas - New second Edition

This latest edition of the Collins Junior World Atlas is an ideal reference atlas for young Primary School geographers aged 9-11 years. It is published in association with the Geographical Association, with consultant editor Stephen Scoffham.

The atlas has been designed specifically as a reference atlas for 9-11 year olds studying geography at Keystage 2 and links to the QCA units of work.

This atlas has topographical based mapping which helps the young geographer understand the processes which take place during the formation of the earth’s landscapes.

The reference mapping is designed for maximum clarity and accessibility, and is supported with photographs and data files, with detailed map keys and scale information on each map.

Specially selected topic maps give additional information linking to knowledge and understanding of distant places.

The atlas is organised into sections covering the UK, Europe, the World and Continents with larger scale maps of countries and regions popular for focus studies. A variety of carefully selected scales are used to allow for comparison of size and distance in different countries.

Tables of key data include an Ecological Footprint for every country.

Paperback, 312 x 226 mm, 72 pages, ISBN 978-0-00-739357-2, £7.99

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To support this atlas a full range of interactive
Junior World Atlas Flipcharts are available as downloadable files. These charts are easy to use and allow teachers and learners to further develop atlas skills.

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