28 Feb 2011

Bartholomew Globe Awarded to Chris Fleet

Chris Fleet
Congratulations go to Chris Fleet, Senior Map Curator in the Map Division of the National Library of Scotland (NLS) who has just been awarded the prestigious Bartholomew Globe.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) Bartholomew Globe award is given 'for excellence in the assembly, delivery or application of geographical information through cartography, GIS and related techniques'. It was conferred in Perth on 24 January 2011 by the Society’s Vice President, the well-known explorer David Hempleman-Adams.

The Bartholomew Globe is one of the Society's more recent awards, created in 2000 to acknowledge excellence in cartography and associated areas. Its naming was in recognition of the closely associated and richly intertwined history of RSGS and the Bartholomew family and firm, including in the inception of the Society in 1884.

At the same time, Chris Fleet and Professor Charles Withers, Professor of Historical Geography in the University of Edinburgh, were awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Society (FRSGS) 'in recognition of distinguished contributions to the work of the Society and / or for contributions to the advancement of geography in Scotland’.

For further information and recipients, see RSGS Medals and Awards

Chris Fleet worked in the Bodleian Library, Oxford and the National Library of Wales, prior to joining the National Library of Scotland (NLS) in 1994. His main work has focused on digital mapping, particularly scanning and making available historic maps on the NLS website, as well as working with modern digital map applications. He is currently Senior Map Curator at NLS, and a partner in the AddressingHistory and Visualising Urban Geographies projects. Biog taken from
AddressingHistory Launch Live Blog - NLS Digitised Historic Mapping Work

Additional background information from Margaret Wilkes and Fiona Parker at the RSGS.

25 Feb 2011

Bartholomew Archive Update in Cairt Newsletter

The latest, January 2011, issue of Cairt, newsletter of the National Library of Scotland (NLS) Scottish Maps Forum, has an update on the Bartholomew Archive Project.

It includes news on the progress of the preservation and cataloguing of the Printing Record, the use of material from the archive in recent exhibitions and publications, details on oral history interviews with former Bartholomew employees and a donation of lithographic tools.

“Cairt” (Gaelic and 17th century Scots for map) is issued twice a year. See
www.nls.uk/collections/maps/subject-info/cairt to view all editions.

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22 Feb 2011

The World at Your Feet

Your Help is Needed to Inspire the Next Generation of Geographers

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) has initiated The World at Your Feet project, to paint a 6m x 8m world map onto school playgrounds across Scotland. The aim is to provide an inspirational interactive teaching aid for a wide range of subjects, placing geography at the heart of the curriculum.

“We think this is a fantastic opportunity to help engage children's curiosity and encourage a broader understanding of our world. Now more than ever, we need young people to have a good foundation in broad geographical issues.”

Our own
CollinsBartholomew world map data will be used to produce the steel stencils to create the large world map.

The RSGS hope to run a two-year pilot project, working with a few schools in different settings to develop, trial and assess various teaching resources and exercises.

For further information and details of how to support this project see

17 Feb 2011

The Map of True Places and Other Non-Cartographic Curiosities

Imagine my delight when I was alerted to a new publication – The Map of True Places. As we all do, I tried to imagine what this map would show. The title was a brilliant teaser, what in fact is a ‘true place’? Definitely worth further investigation. Would this be something special or just old hat? A few clicks later revealed that this was in fact, a new paperback edition of pure fiction: “From the author of The Lace Reader comes an emotionally resonant novel of tragedy, secrets, identity and love”. Not a map at all!

Similarly last week I came across a review of
Maps and Atlases. Another exhibition showing the history of cartography? A bit of a boring title and there must be some particular theme for focus. But, although the reviewer was impressed with ‘Maps and Atlases’ it turns out they are “a rock group from Chicago, USA, equally influenced by folk and experimental music”. I don’t know what their music is like, but they have some nice album covers.

After a bit of surfing I came up with The Cartographer, guess what, not Mercator, Pont or Bartholomew but an album by Long Island indie rock band
The Republic of Wolves.

And finally, the
Map is .. a butterfly (Araschnia levana) common throughout the lowlands of central and eastern Europe, very rarely seen in the UK.

Has your interest been piqued by a promising map-themed title which turned out to be something completely different? Add your example by submitting a comment below.

14 Feb 2011

The New Republic of South Sudan (tbc)

It now looks like the world’s newest country will be created on 9 July 2011.

Official returns from the historic January referendum (when over 3 million Southern Sudanese people voted) resulted in nearly 99% in favour of independence. The remaining provisions of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) should now be implemented by 9 July 2011. This deal ended two decades of civil war between the North and the South that killed two million people and displaced an estimated 4.5 million others from their homes.

Map from Collins World Atlas Reference Edition

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, said ‘This moment is testament to the leaders in both North and South Sudan who ensured a credible and peaceful process. I particularly welcome the positive reaction of the government in Khartoum and their clear statements that they will respect the wishes of the South to secede from the North and establish an independent nation’.

The leaders and politicians will continue their work over the next few months to create the new country. The mapmakers will be busy too, keeping up with developments and decisions in a number of areas:

Country Name: probably South Sudan, long form Republic of South Sudan.
Currency: possibly the Sudanese Pound.
Capital: perhaps NOT Juba due to complaints that it is remote.
Border: pending - final demarcation not yet settled, three areas have still to hold a referendum/consultation.
Flag: present version was adopted following the CPA in 2005.

Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)

See my Nov 09 post
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8 Feb 2011

Collins Junior World Atlas - New second Edition

This latest edition of the Collins Junior World Atlas is an ideal reference atlas for young Primary School geographers aged 9-11 years. It is published in association with the Geographical Association, with consultant editor Stephen Scoffham.

The atlas has been designed specifically as a reference atlas for 9-11 year olds studying geography at Keystage 2 and links to the QCA units of work.

This atlas has topographical based mapping which helps the young geographer understand the processes which take place during the formation of the earth’s landscapes.

The reference mapping is designed for maximum clarity and accessibility, and is supported with photographs and data files, with detailed map keys and scale information on each map.

Specially selected topic maps give additional information linking to knowledge and understanding of distant places.

The atlas is organised into sections covering the UK, Europe, the World and Continents with larger scale maps of countries and regions popular for focus studies. A variety of carefully selected scales are used to allow for comparison of size and distance in different countries.

Tables of key data include an Ecological Footprint for every country.

Paperback, 312 x 226 mm, 72 pages, ISBN 978-0-00-739357-2, £7.99

Buy the new Collins Junior World Atlas from Collins Education

To support this atlas a full range of interactive
Junior World Atlas Flipcharts are available as downloadable files. These charts are easy to use and allow teachers and learners to further develop atlas skills.

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3 Feb 2011

New Collins World Atlas

This is the new, fully updated edition of the best-selling budget atlas in the stylish and authoritative Collins world atlas range. It is the ideal atlas for school, home and business use. The Collins World Atlas has been brought fully up-to-date to reflect all recent changes.

The introductory section includes maps of the world's physical features and countries, key world statistics, details of all the world's countries and a map of the world's time zones. Fascinating facts and internet links enhance the reader's knowledge of the world.

The detailed reference maps provide world-wide coverage, are clear and accessible and retain the accuracy and authority which are characteristic of Collins products. The index has over 10,000 place names.

All the essential information required in a budget atlas for family, study and business use. Excellent value for money.

Paperback, 64 pages, 312 x 226 mm, £5.99, ISBN 978-0-00-741975-3

2 Feb 2011

2011 Collins Road Atlas Europe

The new edition of the 2011 Collins Road Atlas Europe comes out tomorrow:

• Clear, easy to follow road maps produced from the up-to-date digital database.
• A3 format shows a large area of map on one page spread.
• Main maps at 16 miles to 1 inch.
• Covers Europe from North Cape to Gibraltar and from Ireland to Western Turkey.
• Fully revised Europe road atlas includes European driving information and regulations, route planning maps, larger scale road maps of the Ruhr and Rhine, 48 city through route maps and a comprehensive place name index.
• Also included are four pages of large scale mapping covering an area extending from Amsterdam to Munich that makes route following through this densely populated area easier.

Paperback, 385 x 290 mm, 144 pages, £11.99, ISBN 978-0-00-742421-4

Also see 2011 Collins Road Atlas Britain Range