23 Apr 2012

Collins Geo 2012 Catalogue

Discover the World Through Maps

Collins Geo 2012 Catalogue

The Times World Atlas app Summer 2012

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Foreword by Sir Patric Moore

Fragile Earth, major new 2nd edition “One of the 5 Great Photo Books of the Year” TIME

Memory of the World Documents that define human history and heritage

World’s Ultimate Running Races “The book all runners seem to be talking about” SCOTTISH ATHLETICS

World’s Ultimate Cycling Races October 2012

Railway Publications “a marvellous array of maps from all periods of railway history” MODERN LOCOMOTIVES ILLUSTRATED

The Times Atlas of London The definitive London Guide and an indispensable compendium for anyone looking to visit the capital for the 2012 Olympics.

Extreme Survivors Foreword by Bear Grylls

The Times Atlases Market-leading atlases

The World’s Heritage A complete guide to the most extraordinary places

Species on the Edge of Survival “A glossy tome with an important raison d’etre.” THE ECOLOGIST

Collins World Atlases

International Maps and Country eBooks

Educational Atlases for ages 6-11 years

Educational Atlases for ages 11-18 years

Children’s Reference World Atlas, Flags, Solar System, Animals ...

British Maps & Atlases New editions

European Maps & Atlases New editions

London Maps & Atlases Find your way around London without costly data charges

Scottish Maps & Atlases  Road, Touring, Tartans, Whisky, Clans ...

Irish Maps & Atlases “The best road atlas of Ireland” AMAZON REVIEW

Rambler’s Guides “A must for all hill walkers” AMAZON REVIEW

Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides The number 1 best selling waterways guides

Download the new Collins Geo Catalogue 2012 (PDF)

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