22 May 2012

A Guide to London 1908

In Remembrance of the Olympic Games 1908
Guide to London 1908
A nostalgic guide to the Edwardian London of 1908, when Britain welcomed Olympians from around the world.  This guide gives a fascinating insight to London at ‘games time’ over 100 years ago.  It includes reproductions of evocative and rare sporting nostalgia: Olympic documents, memorabilia, photographs, posters and advertising.

The foreword is by Kate Hoey M.P. for Vauxhall, London and Sports Minister 1999-2001.

The Atlas and Gazetteer would have been of great use to the crowds flocking to London for both the Franco-London Exhibition and the much awaited Olympic Games.

Main sections:
Atlas and Street Guide of London 1908
Originally published by John Bartholomew of the famous map making dynasty, the maps of central London and its environs come from the Collins Bartholomew Historic Map Archive.  The clear and colourful map plates of London’s famous districts have been carefully re-mastered and sit alongside the original comprehensive index to streets and places.

Guide and Gazetteer of London 1908
Details and location of London’s places of interest.  General statistical information about London, population and chronology.  Alphabetical Guide to places of interest and amusement in London and its environs.  Specific information on Hotels, restaurants, cab fares, omnibus routes and principal London Clubs.

London 1908 The rise of Olympism
This section describes the Olympic movement and ideals at that time and how London organised and staged the games at short notice.  This guide pays tribute to the British sporting pioneers who set the modern day Olympics on the road becoming the global event of today.  There are reproductions of many original letters, tickets, instructions and programmes which were compiled into a scrapbook by William Barnard, the official timekeeper for the 1908 Games.

The 1908 London Olympic Marathon
Details of this classic Olympic event.  Why the distance was extended by an extra 385 yards, competitors, route map and description of the race with its controversial finish.

The publication is fully endorsed by the Chairman of the Amateur Athletics Association, Chris Carter, and Jonathan Edwards MBE.

A Guide to London 1908, In Remembrance of the Olympic Games 1908

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