9 Nov 2012

Collins eBooks for Children: World Atlas, World Flags and The Solar System

Three Collins children's books are now available in electronic format.  World Atlas, World Flags and The Solar system are ideal first eBooks and iBooks for young readers.  They are clear and uncluttered, full of fascinating facts and packed with colourful illustrations.

World Flags for Children introduces national flags of familiar countries through colour, symbols and shapes. Simple vocabulary is used throughout and numeracy skills are gently introduced by identifying shapes and counting stars, stripes, symbols etc.
   Country flags
   Flag colours
   Flag symbols

World Atlas for Children is a great way to support children beginning to explore the world of maps. Children can use the atlas to identify continents, countries and faraway places. The simple mapping is a perfect introduction to the world of maps and a sound basis for a geographical vocabulary.
   The World
   Oceans, mountains, rivers and deserts
   World continents
   World countries

The Solar System for Children is a great introduction to the planets, asteroids and comets. Designed specifically for young readers to use with the help of adults, each spread contains stunning illustrations of the planets, and simple supporting facts introduce young children to the mysteries of outer space.
   The Solar System
   The inner and outer planets
   Earth’s moon
   The asteroid belt

All eBooks and iBooks have 36 pages, £0.99.
The iBooks can enable audio to read page text.

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