19 Dec 2012

Chris’s Charity Canal Kayak Quest: Man to Monaco

Chris Allix decided to paddle his kayak from the Isle of Man to Monaco - the hard way: across country, along 2000 miles of inland waterways.

Chris Paddling the Waterways
A well Earned Break
Why?  To raise money for children’s charities, improve his health and because he just loves canoeing.

On the 28th June he set off from the Isle of Man.  He crossed the Irish Sea, navigated the English waterways to Dover, traversed the English Channel (after a bit of hoo-ha), then made his way across France.  On reaching Monaco, he was met by Prince Albert, president of one of the charities Chris is supporting.

His navigation of England’s waterways network was carried out with the help of Bob-the-Backup using the trusty Collins Nicholson Waterways Map and Guides.


Navigating with Nicholsons

Read Jonathan Mosse’s story of his journey, in the January 2013 edition of
Waterways World magazine.  For a detailed blow-by-blow account of his travails, see Chris’s website www.mantomonaco.com.

All photos by Jonathan Mosse, reproduced with thanks.

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