16 Mar 2012

Bradshaw’s Railway Map 1839

A facsimile printing of this rare Bradshaw railway map from 1839.

Bradshaw's Map 1839
This classic nineteenth century map of Great Britain produced by the great 19th-century cartographer himself, Bradshaw’s map shows a high level of detail of settlements, roads and the railways which had been built or were under construction by 1839.
Originally a folded map printed on cloth – the map has been cleaned and joined together to form an attractive wall map measuring 34" x 55" (875x1400 mm).

Includes gradient profiles of many lines and an enlarged inset of London and is edged by thirty-four attractive ‘sections’ or gradient profiles of the principal railways.

Published 16th February 2012
ISBN 978-0-00-748028-9

14 Mar 2012

The BCS John C. Bartholomew Award 2012

Entries for the 2012 British Cartographic Society (BCS) Awards are required by the 31st of March. There are six categories of which two are for students or young mapmakers.

Collins Bartholomew and the Bartholomew family, jointly sponsor the John C. Bartholomew Award for excellence and originality in the field of thematic small scale cartography.  A £500 pound prize is awarded to the winner.

Past winners have been so diverse as to include a map of key battles during the American Civil War, an undersea map of the waters around New Zealand, a thematic atlas of China, a surnames map of Ireland and a classification of the world football associations.

Download the rules and an entry form: http://www.cartography.org.uk/downloads/Awards_JCBart.doc

Keith Moore, Head of Cartographic Services, Collins Geo

Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides and Maps

Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides and Waterways Map of Great Britain are the number one bestselling waterway resources, covering the entire network of canal and river navigations in England, Scotland and Wales, including newly restored and opened canals and rivers. The guides and map have been republished, fully updated, with extra information, for this, their 40th anniversary year.

The colour Ordnance Survey® maps within the guides clearly show locks, towpaths and boating facilities. There are comprehensive navigational notes as well as descriptions of the towns and villages, pubs and restaurants alongside the waterways, and details of navigation authorities. In addition, notes on the history and background to each canal are included in each guide, as well as opportunities for walking and cycling, and new for these editions, notes on the wildlife to be found along the waterways.

In print for 40 years, the Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides and Waterways Map of Great Britain have always been a vital part of journeys along Britain’s canals and rivers. They are ideal for anyone with an interest in Britain’s inland waterways: from experienced boaters to those planning their first boat trip, as well as walkers, cyclists and visitors. In the year of the ‘staycation’ these books are must-haves.

Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides cover the following regions:
• Grand Union Oxford and the South East
• Severn, Avon and Birmingham
• Birmingham and the Heart of England
• Four Counties and the Welsh Canals
• North West and the Pennines
• Nottingham, York and the North East
• River Thames and Southern Waterways
• Norfolk Broads

Also re-published, fully updated:
Collins Nicholson Inland Waterways Map of Great Britain

"Taste in guide books can be a very personal thing, but few serious boaters will venture out without a Nicholson's Guide. There is a wealth of information that even the most experienced cannot hope to keep abreast of, and the guides are welcome valuable for cyclists and walkers too." The Inland Waterways Association.

Available to purchase from all good book shops and online at waterstones.com.