11 Jun 2013

Map Dress inspired by Collins Road Map

We’ve has map furniture, map blinds, map lampshades and now here’s a light silk ‘swish’ dress inspired by our Collins Road Map.
Silk map dress
Northern Ireland fashion graduate, Rachael Blair reveals a fresh and exciting collection at the University of Ulster Degree show, Belfast, in June 2013. Inspired by a sense of adventure when travelling, her collection Off the Map embraces the fun side of fashion with a spectacle of colour in her intricate knitwear and printed pieces.

Using a digitally engineered printing technique for a striking shirt style dress, the graduate designer transformed a Collins Road Map of Scotland into a vintage style print.

Classic map dress
Rachael was able to get rid of folds and unwanted detail using digital editing, she then placed flowers and vintage objects around the map pattern to obtain the desired look. Next she engineered the print around the pattern pieces to form parts of the dress which were transferred on to silk, cut out and sewn together.

Map dress printing
Map dress panels
Map dress sewing

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