12 Jun 2013

NLS Map Residencies - Diane Garrick and Tom Pow

If you love maps and mapping, outdoors, art, landscapes, photography, fine craftsmanship, Edinburgh, Scotland, the World, the NLS, then, your dream job would be artist in residence for the Bartholomew Archive at the National Library of Scotland.
The Bartholomew Archive at the National Library of Scotland

Two lucky creatives - award winning writer Tom Pow and artist Diane Garrick took up the posts from February to end April this year.  Using material from the Bartholomew Archive they explored the maps, created interesting works and ran some stimulating workshops.
A full and fascinating weekly report can be found on Diane’s blog.  She writes so easily and personally about the maps, people, places and ideas and fun they both had.  Many photos illustrate their inspiration, creations and experiences.  Start at week 1, work your way through and be delighted as you read about their map related creative ideas.  Please leave your feedback and comments on the post.

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